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Homeworld Earth
Habitat Cosmopolitan
Race/Forms Singular
First Appearance NeS Page 1
Characters Major Characters

Zombies are sometimes known as "the walking dead". They are creatures that have been 'born again' after death, just like other undead creatures. Once a living person, usually a human, they died and thence became a zombie and continued to act as though they were still alive. Often zombies are simple-minded, many incapable of anything but shuffling around. Some manage speech, often with the single word "brains". Rarely some zombies act just like any living human. Their bodies, regardless of how animated they may be, will decay over time. Yet, even in a terrible state of decay, zombies can continue to act. The only food requirements they have is for the flesh of the living - the more sentient the better.





Zombies rarely come alone and usually they come in large hordes[NeS1 1].


Zombies are unable to consume normal food[NeS1 2].


Undead Soldiers

Zombie soldiers carry with them heat seaking, napalm loaded, rocket launchers[NeS1 1].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

Main articles: Zombies first arrive in NeS from another story that NeS briefly cross-over with. There they appear in the bleachers and try to eat popcorn but find they're unable to ingest it. Arbiter attacks them before deciding to take pot-shots at them with his sniper rifle.


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