Young, sometimes known as "Young of the NeS", is the physical incarnation of the Never-ending Story, whilst also considering herself to be the daughter of it. This is a parody of Jesus Christ. Young is often innocent and naïve, seeming to live in her own bubble world, yet she has also proven instrumental in aiding the NeS Heroes by calling upon her "mother" for help or advice. She was once kidnapped by Evil G, a version of Gebohq Simon from an Alternate Dimension, where she was almost forced into an Evil Wedding. However she found that she had fallen in love with Evil G, and he with her, and thus they married despite the Heroes attempts to stop it. Young would become pregnant with, and give birth to, Evil G's son, Chance. Now she spends her time taking care of her son within the walls of the Haunted House of Heroes, in the 8th Dimension, while her husband helps the Heroes on their adventures.

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