Witch-Wardens are a group of militaristic mercenaries that operate out of the Myst Sector where their primary headquarters, Teknis Circle, is located. They arose within the sector due to the growing animosity towards supernatural beings and powers, who had decimated the entire region in the past. Most of the sector's civilisations hold to this view and they rely on the Witch-Wardens to preserve their civilisations from the scourge of supernatural terrors. The Witch-Wardens consistently develop techniques, weapons and gadgets to counter or destroy supernatural beings or powers, including the ultimate anti-power spark that can obliterate even gods and powerplayers.



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When training new Witch-Warden disciples they must go through vigorous training to keep them safe against powerful supernatural entities. The planet Necrill is steeped in thick clouds of aether, which the Witch-Wardens can train in to build up knowledge and resistances. The world is controlled by The Imperium but the Witch-Wardens are permitted to continue their training on the planet if they keep to themselves[Tales 1].


Witch-Wardens will have a variety of gear, catered to individual needs, skills and mission parameters (citation needed).

Alchemical Concoctions

For a list of Alchemical Concoctions, see Alchemy#Alchemical Concoctions

Witch-Wardens commonly use alchemical concoctions to enhance themselves, such as physical strength, however they can only use sanctioned, non-magical mixtures[Pan 1].


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