The White Hands were a group of witch necromancers who held a pact with the NeSferatu that granted them their powers and the NeSferatu women to feed upon. The last of the White Hands was Isolde of the White Hands, whose father, King Hoel, was responsible for hunting down and killing the rest of the coven.



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White Hands hold powers over necromancy and are able to bring people back from the dead and animate their corpses, albeit in an unnatural fashion. They appear as puppets on strings. As the corpse is dead, it does not experience pain and can take severe damage[Pan 1]. It takes just a small amount of her own life force to bring back an animated corpse. She can even grant a corpse some independent processes, which requires more energy. She can bring back someone from the dead with complete faculties, but it virtually costs her own life to do so[Pan 2].


A White Hand is made when a NeSferatu drinks the blood of a woman to the point of death. She is then healed by her fellow White Hands and brought back from the brink. This repeated process will eventually turn a woman into one of the White Hands. The more powerful the NeSferatu that bit the White Hand, the more powerful that witch would become[Pan 2].


White Hands are able to heal people from death when working together. They can also heal themselves. Bringing a person back from death, however, is done at great risk to the individual White Hand if performed alone[Pan 2].



Space Camelot

The White Hands were a coven of necromancy witches that lived in Gaul. They were visited by Tiarna Des-Mhumhain himself, a NeSferatu often considered to be the incarnation of Donn, the God of Death, by the Celtic people. While he was responsible for turning Anna Pendragon, sister to King Arthur of Britannia, into a White Hand, his protégé, Nyneve, transformed Lady Isolde of Brittany[Pan 2].


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