The woman named Verrine is more commonly known as "LightSide" and was the first victim of DarkSide. Once an angel she risked becoming a fallen angel because she had fallen in love with a demon. But their union resulted in DarkSide who consumed her essence. She accidentally returned when DarkSide used her form, unknowingly, to trick the NeS Heroes and married Al Ciao. Al Ciao, however, has very potent sperm and DarkSide became pregnant and was unable to change back to any other guise else it would harm the baby. DarkSide then lost all evil due to Losien Simon absorbing all evil herself and, instead, became "LightSide". Much later LightSide gave birth to her child Lior, but then DarkSide was released. At that moment Verrine's memories returned and she was able to overcome DarkSide, who fled. She now resides at the Hall of Heroes with her daughter.

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