The Tycho Nebula is a remnant nebula from a supernova event. It is part of the Perseus Arm, which is mostly controlled by the New Republic (formerly the Rebel Alliance) and the First Order (formerly the Galactic Empire), but this nebula is controlled by The Imperium. Due to the Crab Pulsar, there are powerful magnetic fields that exert over a hundred millions teslas that The Imperium's Energyplex uses to create energy and send it through portals to other parts of the Multiversal nation.



The outer gaseous remnants of the Tycho Nebula are a green and yellow haze[Tales 1].


Within the outer gaseous remnants is the Crab Pulsar, which created the pulsar wind nebula. Here the magnetic fields exceed a hundred million teslas. This shunts plasma with great force through the pulsar winds[Tales 1].


Crab Pulsar

The Crab Pulsar, which spins, is a pulsar that creates the pulsar wind nebula, in turn leading to the extreme magnetic fields and the movement of plasma[Tales 1].

The Energyplex

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Due to the strength of the magnetic fields, the power of the plasma is used by The Energyplex as it strikes its absorption shields. This power is then transferred via portals to other locations within the Milky Way Galaxy. The Energyplex is protected by the shields themselves, from being bombarded by the plasma. Because of the plasma, the location is highly defensive, and the pulsar winds block the transmissions of all kinds, making it a good meeting place for the intelligence division's clandestine meetings[Tales 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The Tycho Nebula is based on the Tycho's Supernova Remnant[Ext 1] and the Crab Nebula[Ext 2], which here are essentially one nebula, and contains the Crab Pulsar[Ext 3]." ~ Britt the Writer


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