Template:Character Twin Suns was introduced by Twin Suns the Writer on NeS Page 1 when the Character arrived to take part in the Arena battles that had been arranged by the God of War, Ares.[1] Although he initially mistook Antestarr and Miss Fire for villains[2] he would then join them in the fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn and his invading forces.[3] Twin Suns owned a spacecraft named the Red Talon. which he used to pursue Thrawn. However after the destruction of the Arena[4], Twin Suns was not heard of again until he eventually returned as the leader of the Forgotten Army under the new name The Lost One.(citation needed) It could be presumed that he escaped using the Red Talon.


No physical description is given during the earlier pages of the NeS.

He is, however, presented as a rash character that acts on impulse and doesn't think things through before he acts. This can be seen when he attacks Antestarr and Miss Fire, believing they were villains.


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Twin Suns first arrived in the Arena when he stepped through a wormhole and took a seat in the bleachers, intending to watch the fights below.[5] However, he soon changed his mind and decided he should enter the Arena. But when he first stepped foot on the sand, he was attacked by Rob X - who mistook him for Ares, the God of War and challenger of the combatants. After quickly clearly up the misunderstanding, the two of them were attacked by the true Ares.[6]

But he quickly forgets this battle and drank himself to sleep underneath the bleachers. He would later awake to find that both Ares and Rob X were long gone. Instead he saw Antestarr and Miss Fire, mistook them for supervillains, and attacked them both by tossing thermal detonators[7] at them[8]. Because he was still drunk, he fell into Antestarr[9] and the thermal detonators began to be tossed between the three of them like a hot potato. Fortunately, Morris the Cat, a cat with a bottomless and invincible stomach, ate the bombs and they exploded, harmlessly, within him. Antestarr and Miss Fire then tried to reason with Twin Suns but he was belligerent towards them and they became riled[10]. They beat him up and send him flying into the bleacher where he crashed into the sleeping Gebohq Simon. He prepared himself to retaliate[11] but was interrupted by the arrival of the Rabbit Walkers[12]. For some reason, Twin Suns decided to open up a dimensional gateway - which may have been a Plot-Hole - to bring the cast of Monty Python[13] to the Arena and fight the Rabbit Walkers[14]. Miss Fire handed guns to Antestarr and Twin Suns to deal with the Rabbit Walkers[15] however it was the Monty Python crew that ultimately blew up the last of the Rabbit Walkers and themselves in the process. Twin Suns, in his anger, was determined to hunt down Grand Admiral Thrawn, the man that ordered the attack on the Arena. He led Antestarr and Miss Fire to his spaceship, The Red Talon[16]. But when the Red Talon arrived in space where they expected Grand Admiral Thrawn to be, they discovered that he had left to watch the Super Bowl, and American sporting competition[17]. When they returned to the Arena they met with Ares' Clone.[18]

Twin Suns fell into obscurity after this. It is unknown how he survived the destruction of Ares' Colosseum but he would later appear...


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