Tony (British Pitch Guy) was a British man that appeared on the television show Amazing Innovations where he sold lightfoils to the audience, along with Mike (host). Mike, however, was killed by the sudden mad rush of the audience to buy up his wares and Tony himself was killed shortly thereafter when he was eaten by Bo the Alligator.



Tony, as the pitch guy for his wares, was incredibly hyperbolic and made outrageous claims about the lightfoil product that were blatantly untrue[NeS1 1].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Tony, the British pitch guy, came to the show Amazing Innovations to sell the new product, lightfoils, which were originally designed and developed by Antestarr. Mike (host) acted on behalf of the audience by asking questions about the product before he asked the price. After demanding that the price be lowered the audience suddenly rushed the stage to purchase the lightfoils off of Tony, however they crushed Mike in the process[NeS1 1]. He was then eaten by Bo the Alligator who burst onto the set after it was announced that action figures of him would be given away with every sale on the show. After eating Tony, Bo also ate a group of mimes and then went off to Ares' Colosseum[NeS1 2].


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