The Time Enforcement Agency, commonly abbreviated to the T.E.A., is an organisation managed and set up by Chronos. The agency was first set up in the late Victorian period and was meant to stop great catastrophes from occurring in time. It was set up only to manage Earth, the central stage for The Never-ending Story, while the rest of the NeSiverse would be considered the domain of Aeon. Its members are commonly called "Time Cops" and use wrist-mounted devices to time-travel. However these devices are not as accurate for long-time travels and so they officially use a much larger machine to travel through time from the T.E.A. HQ. The Super Secret Time Travel Agency, or S.S.T.A., pre-dated the T.E.A. narrative-wise but would later turn out to be a secret branch of the T.E.A. set-up to alter historical events rather than preserve them.


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Time Cops

Time Cops are the time police of the Time Enforcement Agency. They wear a standard black uniform with red tie and all wear wrist-mounted time-travelling devices with on-board Artificial Intelligence units, usually the CynthAI model though others exist.

Mysterious Person

See also: Chronos

The head of the T.E.A. is Chronos, though she usually goes by the name "Mysterious Person" to her staff and all those aware of the T.E.A.

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