The Space Orca is the ship belonging to, and named after, Space Orca and is crafted within the body of a living space whale. Space Orca uses it a a place to decorate with the stuffed bodies of Pokémon he has hunted down.






The walls and ceilings are made of polished bone and the corridors are cylindrical. The doors are a sleek, ovular shape. Corridors are lined with alcoves and in the alcoves are mounted trophy kills of various Pokémon that Space Orca stuffed; including some of the largest monsters like Blastoise[Ext 1], Gyarados[Ext 2] and Pikachu[Ext 3]. Consoles for the ship are activated by touching the bone wall anywhere and though the lighting is dim, it is expressed more highly by the stark whiteness. There is a faint breathing that rushes down the corridors and the space whale's internal organs are kept out of the passenger areas[Tales 1].


Holographic Centre

There is a room with a low ceiling and a large holoprojector[Tales 1].

Conference Room

In the main conference room, the table and chairs are sculpted from the same bone material as the ship itself, protruding from the floor. The chairs are padded with smooth, soft, yellow leather[Tales 2].



Space Orca

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Space Orca is a commander within The Imperium and his personal ship is named after himself, The Space Orca. He has a deep-seated loathing of Pokémon, which he will hunt and adorn his ship with the heads of[Tales 1].


The Story of Ameryl

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Having hacked the Dream Hub, Reimi Soulstar and Ameryl Hypericum travelled from Dreidos to the sister world of Deidos in another universe. However they arrived to discover the planet had been reduced to molten slag[Tales 3]. Though Ameryl protected them both with a magical shield, it was reduced by an unknown force. Then they were transported aboard an alien craft, specifically The Space Orca. Space Orca interrogated the two while he showed them the ship and explained that The Imperium destroyed the planet to stop the infestation of the deadly Darke Spawn. He agreed to release them[Tales 1]. A long time later, Ameryl had become an ambassador within The Imperium for The Milky Way Galaxy but was summoned to a meeting aboard The Space Orca by the mysterious Right Arm of The Imperium. There she met with Space Orca again before she met the Right Arm, who was revealed to be Ameryl herself from an alternate reality, the Hydriaverse[Tales 2].


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