The Scourge is a genetic race within the alimean species that causes genetical abnormalities, including ash-like skin and violent cracks in the skin. On the homeworld of Iskendriel, she was hated for her condition. In the homeworld of Isk they were known as The Lightbringers and were revered.


The Scourge is a genetic anomaly within alimean which causes their skin to become like ash. Grey and extremely soft, as though a poke would pierce through. Their skin is cracked, revealing bright red scars upon their backs and under their eyes. They are hated by other alimean. They were not born, rather they were created[Tales 1].

The Lightbringers

In the universe of Isk, The Scourge are known, instead, as The Lightbringers and have more positive connotations[Tales 1].


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