The Red Castle is a castle constructed within Perce Forest on the planet Algernon by the Lady Sebile. It has two pillars of magic that draw in the aether from the atmosphere at the gate, to allow the mage in control of the castle to see what is happening outside. The castle is Earth-like in its architecture and has various rooms, from the kitchen to bedrooms that are typical of European castles. Its walls are a washed out red, giving the building its name, while the palisades are made of the timber of the forest.



Within Perce Forest is The Red Castle. The outer wall was made of logs, obviously cut from the forest, while the castle itself was made of stonestone like material that was a washed out red - as though the building had red water dropped on it. It has an Earth-like architecture to it. The windows are stained glass. The top of the walls are turreted and there was even a portcullis and on either side of the main gate are two pillars of red light. They are as tall as the outer wall and were obviously made from magic, burning aether to be exact. There's a single path that leads to the castle doors but otherwise the area is a wilderness of shrubbery, weeds and fungus. A pond is dirty with scum[Leg 1]. There is a narrow brook running through the garden, which passes beneath the exterior wooden walls on either side of the castle. Close to the window of the parlour there is a solitary oak-like tree[Leg 2].



The area is a wilderness of shrubbery, weeds and fungus[Leg 1].


Within the dirty pond there appear to be plenty of frog-like creatures living in it, but rather than ribbit, they burp[Leg 1].


Aether Towers

Either side of the main gate are two pillars of red light. They are as tall as the outer wall and were obviously made from magic, burning aether to be exact. They are watchtowers for the mage who owns the castle and allows them to see beyond the castle[Leg 1].


There are many rooms within the castle that are typical for European style castles of the Medieval Era. There is a kitchen and bedrooms and a parlour[Leg 1]. A main hall connects the rooms[Leg 2].

Ground Floor


There was a coffee table, armchairs and a fireplace. However, everything was covered in dust due to the curse[Leg 1]. The floor is cold, hard stone. The windows are stained yellow but plain with a golden-tinted view of the gardens outside[Leg 2].


The kitchen has a great many cooking utensils, including pans and spatulas[Leg 2].

First Floor

Ascending to the first floor there is a landing where many old portraits hang on the walls[Leg 3].


When first explored by several Knights of the Round Table, the bedrooms were in a dire state with only the bed having clean sheets. The rooms have a chest-of-drawers each. There is a dressing table[Leg 3].


Space Camelot

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Sirs Gawain, Sagramore and Percival were tasked with exploring what they named Perce Forest. After four days of travel, they found mist was rising from the very soil of the forest and they took it to be an ill omen. They heard a young woman's giggling in the air, which disturbed Gawain though Percival tried to see it as innocent. They followed the sound and discovered the Red Castle deep in the forest, with two pillars of magic at the gate that were burning aether. Percival, still looking on the bright side, suggested they could go inside to sleep in the beds, despite the possible danger the mysterious castle represented. They went inside to find that it appeared to have been abandoned, with everything covered in dust from age. While Sagramore went to the kitchen with the meat they had hunted, Gawain went to the parlour. Percival chose to go out to fetch firewood to start a fire[Leg 1]. A moment later, a teenage girl appeared at the window and startled Gawain. She reported that this was her home, but asked if she was allowed to come inside. She didn't understand what a "witch" was, but was clearly using magic to move around the house and open and close doors. When Percival couldn't get through the front door, she used magic to open it for him. Sebile was taken by surprise, but also curiosity, when Percival, brimming with chivalry, kissed her hand. When she discovered they were cooking, she wanted to see. Percival went to start the fire, though Sebile offered to do it, while Gawain took the lady to the kitchen. Sagramore was still cooking, with his chef's hat, but explained he was from Hungary. Sebile's confusion over the name for the country and the condition of hunger, showed her ignorance of Earth. Gawain asked if they could be allowed to stay and Sebile not only agreed, but insisted they stay forever. The front door closed[Leg 2].


Britt's Commentary

"The Red Castle is loosely inspired by the Red Castle featured in Perceforest[Ext 1], which features the Lady Sebile[Ext 2]." ~ Britt the Writer


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