The Patriot is meant to be the ultimate hero and the ultimate American. He was experimented on to create the ultimate super soldier but the scientist Romanov was a double-agent working for Soviet Russia and instead of perfecting the serum he was deliberately overdosing the test subject so that he remained a beserker and simple-minded hulk of a man. The hulk was sent on a diplomatic mission with Ohqeanos Simon in his mission to marry the princess of Jupiter, Polly. With them went the time-travellers Britt and Kaptin Kwanza. During this time, without further doses of the serum, the hulk of a man was able to regain control of himself and his mental faculties. When they eventually returned to Earth, Romanov fled back to Russia where he started The Last True Evil Project. Britt, Kaptin and the newly named The Patriot started up a superhero team together named Hero Force One. After Britt and Kaptin left the team, The Patriot would eventually recruit new members and his rivalry with the Russian The Last True Evil, and the many TLTE clones, would ensue. He was, however, later killed in action only to much later be resurrected as God's Advocate and he continued his vendetta against TLTE.

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