The Old Republic was a collection of human worlds in the Perseus Arm that founded sometime after Oberon first colonised these human worlds. The Old Republic had to protect itself from the Dread Masters but it would eventually succumb to The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way but its legacy survived through the Rebel Alliance.



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Coruscant was the capital planet for The Old Republic[Pan 1].



Humans of The Old Republic commonly wore simple trousers and smart jackets, mostly around the theme of beige and other such unobstrsive colours[Pan 1].


The humans of The Old Republic held stories of the fabled homeworld of humanity, Earth. They didn't believe that the world was real and that it was all just a story[Pan 1].


Oberon & Titania

Prince Oberon led a group of humans and Aes Sidhe away from the Earth and they settled in the Perseus Arm where their descendants would found The Old Republic[Pan 1].

The Dread Masters

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The Æon Knights are a group that have dedicated themselves to the practice of soul-channelling and are dedicated to the concept of neutrality. Some Æon, however, fall sway towards either the light side or the dark side. A group of Aos Sí, those dedicated to evil, formed The Dread Masters and were committed to attacking The Old Republic[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The Old Republic is based on the Galactic Republic[Ext 1] of the Star Wars[Ext 2] franchise." ~ Britt the Writer


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