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This is the wiki dedicated to the information gathering of The Never-ending Story series, as found on The Plothole. The series is aligned with the NeSiverse and the Characters that exist therein. The Never-ending Story is a collaborative story-writing experience, written by dozens of different Writers since 1999 ~ Now and is a great way to practice writing, have fun and work with others. Writing for The Never-ending Story is as much playtime as it is a literary experience for people who want to write for fun or for serious practice. No prior writing experience is required, or knowledge of the series, but if you want to learn more about the world and Characters, then this wiki is the best resource you could hope to find.

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The NeS Heroes have successfully overcome the odds and defeated the hordes of space pirates, Australian Robots and mall ninjas that were sent by Chris the Bad Guy. Chris himself was dealt with after he spilt Iriana Emp's tea - a grave error. Sent back to his mommy, Chris is out of the picture and Losien Simon led her team on with the repairs to The Ditch. Unfortunately, news on the television announced the new and dangerous threat of Necroman. Having landed in central Australia, his necromist is transforming all biological life into zombie-like necroids, animals, humans and even plants. Only non-biological Characters would stand a chance and the two robot heroes, Wai and Char, know they must guide their friends to the secret robot city dubbed Sanctuary, out in Antarctica, to recruit more robots to the cause. They ride the transforming robot, Honeybee, as a large battleship and travel across the ocean and fought with Greenpeace, Somali pirates and survived a storm. Losien was injured by overloading on Nintendo Power and the team were joined by the recently reincarnated CopyKAT, a pug who can't talk to them but thinks just fine. When Honeybee was sunk by an angry Iceberg, she transformed into a submarine to help the heroes navigate the seas. They discovered the lost city of Underwateropolis, inhabited by the monstrous Shoggoth. When CopyKAT transformed himself onto a Shoggoth, they believed him to be of a lost ancestral heritage and refused to let him, or the other heroes, leave the city. They had to trick their way out of the city by using Char's voicebox, pretending to speak through the clueless CopyKAT, to let them all return to Honeybee. Once there, however, they find that the submarine has been stolen by The Beatles.

Current Team: Losien Simon | Aladdyn L. Quirk | Char | Wai | Newb | Iriana Emp | CopyKAT | Honeybee | CopyKAT

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