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The "Never-ending Story ISB Wiki" is a wiki dedicated to supplementing the web-forum The Never-ending Story ISB. The Never-ending Story, or NeS, is a story written by multiple Writers in a seemingly never-ending story where the NeS Heroes go through various trials that range from world-shattering events, to paying their electric bills. Starting with the original Never-ending Story and advancing to the Never-ending Story2 the story has seen dozens of Characters, both heroes and villains, and a great variety in themes and tropes. Above all the Never-ending Story is meant to entertain, usually through comedy - yet drama and action are frequent modes of writing too. New, or returning, Writers are encouraged to simply jump in and take part. Consistency issues may frequently occur but they are usually remedies by other Writers either through in-character material or simply plugged with Plot-holes, meaning there is no way of 'ruining the story'. Reading the NeS prior to writing is completely unnecessary but if you feel the need for information, that's what this wiki is for! As well as the ISB (Interactive Story Board) there is NeS Illustrated, a web comic version. Information on the NeS can be found in the NeS Notes thread. For help with editing check out Editing NeS Wiki.

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