The Lightstaff is a spacecraft that once belonged to Lightstaff, from whom it bears the namesake, before it was acquired by the Rui-bots that worked for Antestarr. It would then be sold to Clear, a salmitton that captains The Hopeful, who needed a new transport craft. The ship is able to attach itself to asteroids and other unusual surfaces, making it ideal for mining.



It is shaped like a large mushroom and crab-like legs that cling to surfaces when it lands[CatH 1].


Never-ending Story 1

The Fight of the Century of the Week

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The Lightstaff was used by Lightstaff to land on a gigantic comet that was inbound for Earth and would destroy the planet. There he discovered that the comet was actually fired at the Earth by the Imperial officer Grand Admiral Thrawn in a ploy to reduce the human population and make conquest of the planet easier. The French fired nuclear weapons at the comet but their attempts failed. When Ares issued his challenge for combatants in his arena, Lightstaff and his ship retired from the Story[NeS 1].

Clear and the Hopeless

The Living Daylights

With The Hopeful in better working order than ever, which is not saying much, Clear was able to take on passengers as they were bound for the Cosmic Nullius. Green and Rui-Rho used the ship to collect Dhaeriend do'Ziikin from Saturn and brought him aboard The Hopeful, not long after Admiral Ltexi had brought Ambassador Uppity Bags aboard with The Bug[CatH 1].


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