The man known as The Last True Evil was once the greatest, and most consistent, Villain the Never-ending Story had ever known. Yet he changed and became a Reformed Villain and is kept on the path of good through his love for Losien Simon, the Main Character of the NeS, and his affection for Amal who he has adopted and taken under his wing. TLTE has a strong bond of friendship with Gebohq Simon, the former Main Character of the NeS and brother to Losien, yet the two have often had too face each other in combat and do not always believe in the same path. Once TLTE was a Super Soviet Spy for Communist Russia but he learnt that he was just one of many Clones and would eventually come face-to-face with his 'original'. After dying and being ressurected several times TLTE has come to realise that there is something terribly wrong with his physical make-up and has experienced terrified episodes of the Tentacles. Yet his continues to follow the Main Cast of Characters so that he can keep his love, Losien Simon, safe. He once had to kill his best friend, Michael MacFarlane, to keep Losien safe. Now, however, Losien is changing and becoming less of a Damsel in Distress and some fear that TLTE may fill that role so long as Losien is the Main Character. TLTE's biggest problem lies with Master Arkng Thand, a mysterious and wise NeS Scholar that observes the running of the NeS and Thand insists that TLTE will revert to his former self and become, once again, the last true evil of the NeS.

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