The Kracker is a massive creature that is trapped within The Fracture and works for The Peacekeepers of The Imperium. Though the exact nature of the beast is unknown, it is suspected that each of its thousands of heads is connected to a different reality and it is that head that can transport the Peacekeeper agents across the Multiverse to whatever universe or reality they desire.



The creature sits upon its very own island in The Fracture and takes up the majority of its land surface. It has thousands of heads that constantly chitter and chatter in unfathomable tongues. Some of them wail with anguish while others will cackle with incredible mirth, both for unknown reasons[Tales 1].


Multiversal Teleportation & Telepathy

The Kracker is able to transport beings across universes and realities by the hundreds. Though the truth is currently unknown about how The Kracker works, it is believed that its thousands of heads are each connected to a separate reality and it is through this that the creature can transport someone with the power of their minds. Though this is telepathy, no telepath has been able to detect telepathic resonance from The Kracker

When The Kracker activates its transportation power it blasts out a physical kinetic waves that, while mild, can be felt by anyone remaining on the island[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium


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The Kracker was already present within The Fracture when The Peacekeepers arrived. It seemed to already be aware of them and what their job entailed and, without communication or commands, proceeded to begin working for them, as though it always had done so[Tales 1].

The Peacekeepers

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The required, The Kracker helped Iskendriel's team to transport from The Fracture to its mission destination; The Lamb. This was in the past and within the NeSiverse[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium References

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