This article refers to the knights under King Arthur of Camelot. Other orders of knighthood are the Knights Templar and the Æon Knights.

The Knights of the Round Table were a group of knights dedicated to King Arthur's kingdom. Originally this was Great Britain and Ireland until they set off for space aboard Camelot to found new lands across the stars under the name Space Britain. The knights are chosen by Arthur himself for their great deeds, skills and honour. Each knight wears their own crest and their own colours, rather than a uniform, and they may be rewarded a seat for different deeds of valour.

List of Knights

Round Table

Originally the design of the Round Table was based on a frisbee[Ext 1], though King Arthur didn't know it wasn't a table at the time[Pan 1]. The table is actually a doughtnut-shape with a hole in the middle[Pan 2].

Round Table Council

A round table council was considered an official council of all the knights of the round table. These meetings were to discuss important politics or policies for the realm. In these meetings everyone was to be considered equal, including King Arthur, meaning every knight could, and must, address him by name and not title[Pan 1].


There are some knights known as 'red-tabards' who wear red tabards over their armour. These knights seem to have a knack for sudden deaths[Pan 3]. But not all knights that wear a red tabard are necessarily red-tabards (citation needed).


Britt's Commentary

"When creating the knights of the round table, I wanted to use all Arthurian[Ext 2] characters and never use entirely original characters, which, I feel, would have weakened the interesting nature of the project. Instead the Arthurian characters are given extreme twists of originality, sometimes based on some minor detail or not at all. Races are changed, details are changed, but something of the original character resides in each of the knights of Space Camelot. The table itself is based on the original Round Table[Ext 3] story. The joke with the 'red-tabards' introduced by Al Ciao the Writer refers to the 'red-shirts[Ext 4]' of Star Trek[Ext 5] that came to be stock characters designed to die." ~ Britt the Writer.


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