The Heart of Yself is a large hourglass-like building within The Fracture that is more commonly known only as "The Heart" by its occupants; The Peacekeepers. The building was, like all buildings and landmasses within The Fracture, trapped there after The Sundering and was claimed by The Peacekeepers as their headquarters for missions across the Multiverse and The Imperium. The building consists of two pyramids touching at their peaks - attached to landmasses opposite each other and both with gravity pulling to their flat ends so that the middle, and thinnest point, of the building has gravity that would cause a person to float.




The building consists of two pyramids attached to landmasses opposite each other. They meet at their peaks into a bottleneck, to create a rough hourglass shape. The walls are made of a peculiar, glossy, black material but thousands of windows are constantly lit up, creating a cityscape effect in its aesthetics.

The area around the building is entirely stone, as The Heart was once underground in its original universe, but tunnels have been carved into the stone to act as passages to the building's entrances. Along these passages are carvings of creatures that the original founders may have worshipped and may be tied to the building's original purpose[Tales 1].


The building has hundreds of floors and uses turbolifts. The interior ceilings and floors are the same black material as the exterior walls but the walls inside are dark grey. The turbolifts, however, are white in complete contrast to the otherwise dark surroundings but are still made from the same glossy material. Most of the many rooms have mirrored ceilings, possibly due to the history of the building as a place of introspection. The rooms were originally empty, except for the mirrors, allowing The Imperium to fit their own furnishings, such as tables and desks, into meeting rooms[Tales 1].



Centrepoint is the central point of the building where the two pyramids meet in a bottleneck. Here people will float as gravity from both landmasses pulls on them[Tales 1].


The history of The Heart is largely unknown. It is suspected that this was a place of religious worship and divine introspection. The gargoyles that line the passages may have been deities and most of the rooms within have mirrors on their ceilings. A marginal few, including Iskendriel, believe these rooms were used by sex perverts that wanted to watch themselves during sex. It was trapped in The Fracture after Highemperor caused The Sundering of the Multiverse. When The Peacekeepers arrived they adopted the building as their headquarters[Tales 1].


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