The Fountain of Aletheia is a fountain located within The Fracture and is attached to the island of Castle Camelot. It serves as the safe warp point for Peacekeeper agent Iskendriel who chose the fountain because it is originally from her homeworld before being trapped in The Fracture thanks to The Sundering. The fountain pours water from its spout but even when the water hits the basin pool there are no ripples.



The fountain is upon its own small floating island within The Fracture, which consists of many such floating islands, and is connected to another island that is more elevated. The blue spiral staircases were built by Iskendriel so that she could easily get from the fountain to her home, Castle Camelot, which is upon the larger island. The fountain itself pours water from its spout but when the water hits the basin pool it causes to ripples. The basin has a mirror-like effect as the water is so perfectly still[Tales 1].




Tales from The Imperium

The Peacekeepers

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The Fountain of Aletheia became trapped within The Fracture after Highemperor's Sundering of the Multiverse. When reality tried to correct itself, pieces were left behind within The Fracture, and such was the fountain itself. When The Peacekeepers found and came to use The Fracture, Iskendriel, an agent, chose the fountain as her safe spot to phase into The Fracture because it was originally from her own reality. She chose Castle Camelot as her home due to its proximity to the fountain and built blue staircases up to the elevated floating island of the castle[Tales 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The word of Aletheia comes from the Greek philosophy of Aletheia[Ext 1], meaning unconcealed, and is the opposite to lethe." ~ Britt the Writer


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