Template:CharacterThe Boss refers to the human transvestite male who owns the pleasure space-yacht, the Oh My Love!. He is a man that seeks to provide leisure at the never-ending party aboard his crystal-like ship in all of its unique rooms. He often has a group of flatterers with him and may be condescending towards those who are not sexually loose. Hebedee was accidentally killed aboard the Oh My Love! when he tried to steal a Power Core from the ship, despite The Boss' attempt to stop him.



The Boss is a male transvestite, meaning he is a man that commonly wears traditionally woman's clothing. In Clear and the Hopeless he can be seen wearing a sleek, gold dress adorned with sequins and a wig of white and blonde curls. He wears a lot of make-up but not enough that it would conceal his age-lines. He has light brown skin and has large lips[CatH 1].


The Boss is a man that likes an audience to admire his jokes or agree with his statements. He aims to bring leisure and pleasure to as many people as he can, though with Clear he believes he could never do this because she is a woman between cultures and can never truly belong. He will be condescending and patronising towards those he thinks are too prudish or too rigid. He is very relaxed and comfortable with people and doesn't respect a person's personal space. He can be very hands-on[CatH 1]. The Boss, however, isn't malicious and tried to stop Hebedee from touch the Power Core because it would kill the man[CatH 2].


Oh My Love!

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The Oh My Love! is the pleasure-yacht belonging to The Boss. It is a ship that appears crystalline, glittering with needles from the outside, while on the inside it is a ship designed to accommodate many tastes with its many rooms. Each room has its own bar and its own theme, providing different people their own unique pleasures.

The Power Core

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The Power Core is a specially designed device that will provide a huge amount of power to a machine, including a ship like the Oh My Love! or The Hopeful. Because they were desperate for fuel, Clear, Hebedee and Green stole a power core from the Oh My Love! but didn't know how it worked. The Boss tried to stop Hebedee from touching the device but the human mechanic did so anyway and the power core absorbed Hebedee as organic matter for energy. The Oh My Love! has several such power cores.


Clear and the Hopeless

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Trying to escape being kidnapped by Kaptin Kwanza[CatH 3], Clear and her ship, The Hopeful, jumped within range of the Oh My Love! and so The Boss sent them invitations to join him aboard his pleasure yacht. The first to arrive were Green and Hebedee, hoping to find fuel for The Hopeful[CatH 4]. Clear arrived later. She found The Boss in Room 4, the pleasure lounge, and asked him where her friends could be found. He revealed that he'd spoken about her with Green already and admired the Salmitton but also pitied her because she had no singular culture, she could never know who she truly is, and thus he could not provide her the perfect room that would suit her needs. He then informed Clear that Green could be found in Room 3, where Clear had already passed, while Hebedee was in Room 6. As she turned to leave he slapped her on the bottom and told her to loosen up, which she found mortifying but The Boss enjoyed the attention it got from his group[CatH 1].


Britt's Commentary

"When I created The Boss I wanted to provide a Character that hadn't really been explored in any series of the NeS before. Often I find transvestites are normally portrayed in silly, comical roles and rarely taken seriously. So when I wrote up The Boss I wanted him to be an intimidating figure of authority despite the usual connotations of being a transvestite. And while I still used a more traditional image of a Drag Queen[Ext 1], I tried to use him in a unique fashion." - Britt the Writer


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