The Terre Deserte was a region of Gaul, located within the kingdom of Berry, that was laid waste by King Uther. It was ruled by King Claudas and he held prisoners in the lands.



The Terre Deserte is in the lowlands. There are only dead trees or stumps, the ground has been salted so not even grass can grow with any regularity. The shells of homes remain after they had been burnt out long ago and left to rot. On the edge of the Terre Deserte is a mass grave[Pan 1].

The Coven of Berry

Its was within the Terre Deserte that the coven of Berry lived, in spite of Christianity[Leg 1].


Space Camelot

Part of Berry, under the rule of King Claudas, the Terre Deserte was a staging ground for attacks against King Hoel of Brittany. In response, the Terre Deserte was laid waste by King Uther of Britannia as he and the Knights Templar attacked. The Templars would only get involved if there was a sign of witches[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The Terre Deserte is based on the Terre Deserte[Ext 1] from Arthurian Legend[Ext 2], where the land was laid waste by Uther Pendragon[Ext 3]." ~ Britt the Writer


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