The Templars were a Christian organisation dedicated to the Catholic Church and to expunging magic from Europe during the Medieval Era.


Purge Magic

One of the main goals of the Templars was to purge magic, which included the execution of magic-users and magical beings[Pan 1].

Holy Quests

The Templars, like most Christian knights, went on holy quests. They searched for the holy grail[Pan 2].


Space Camelot

Within the territory of King Claudas was a region of Berry that became known as the Terre Deserte. King Uther of Britannia and the Knights Templar laid waste to the land[Pan 2]. King Hoel, the king of Brittany, discovered that his own daughter, Princess Isolde, was actually a necromancer of the White Hands. He and the Templars arrived at her home where he tried to kill her himself but Anna Pendragon, another White Hand and sister to King Arthur, saved her life with her own powers. This allowed the Templars to then kill Anna. Isolde was only then saved when her husband, Sir Tristram, arrived and killed King Hoel. The Templars killed the NeSferatu working with the White Hands and the White Hands that were captured would be later executed on orders of the Pope[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"The Templars of the NeS are very loosely inspired by stories of the Knights Templar[Ext 1] from history and mythology." ~ Britt the Writer


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