Tartarus is one of the Primordial Gods but is less of a knowable being and is a force of the Multiverse. It serves as a gaol for Entropy and Chaos, which has warped Tartarus as it also now serves as home to monstrous demonic creatures and is commonly used as a version of Hell for many sapient beings of the Multiverse. It is controlled by Memnoch. Some ships that use the Bagon Noz Drive may venture through Tartarus to perform an almost instantaneous jump to another location of the Multiverse, such as Kalor Varkesh. It is a dangerous option, however, as the demons are drawn to these tears in real-space. It is divided into layers and the 666th Layer is where The Beast is held.






Time and space are warped within Tartarus, which allows those that pass through it to travel the Multiverse in an instant, including ships equipped with a Bagon-Noz Drive[Tales 1].


Aether is also warped within Tartarus, meaning while magic can be produced, it is unpredictable and may even be manipulated by the demons[Tales 1].


Tartarus Demons

The creatures within Tartarus are demons, but they are unfathomable creatures without true size or shape. They take forms when they enter the physical realms, which may not always be the same[Tales 1].

Bagon Noz Drive

Main article: Bagon Noz Drive

The Bagon Noz Drive allows ships, such as Kalor Varkesh and The Hopeful, to travel through Tartarus to reach an end destination in almost an instant[Tales 2]. This can be a dangerous pursuit, however, as it draws the attentions of demons to the tear in real-space.



Existing within Chaos, that substance or entity from which everything would come to exist, were the Old Ones that were little more than concepts. But from Chaos came the Primordial Deities, which the Old Ones observed as the creatures became the very fabric of the Multiverse itself, their essences interwoven into physics and metaphysics. They were seven; Nyx, Hemera, Erebus, Uranus, Eros, Gaia and Tartarus. Tartarus came to imprison Chaos within itself and too, eventually, Entropy[Leg 1].


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