Taliesin is a ages-old mage and former NeSorcerer.



Taliesin doesn't like to be cooped up all of the time and likes to get out in the sunlight[Pan 1].


Space Camelot

Space Camelot: Oranges

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When King Uther, the king of Britannia, died, Merlin the Elder gathered a meeting of the kings of the land to unveil to them the son of Uther - Arthur Pendragon. He had been raised by Sir Ector in secret to keep him safe. Along with Arthur was also his sister, Morganna le Fay, who was likewise raised by Ector. Clarent had been returned to the stone and Arthur had to pull the sword from the stone to prove himself the rightful heir of Uther. When Arthur succeeded in removing the sword, the kings slowly left to consider their options. King Urien was the last to leave and his advisor, Taliesin, remained behind to speak with Merlin. Taliesin questioned the wisdom of letting an ignorant boy become king but Merlin insisted that his time spent under the care of Ector would help him understand the people and become popular amongst them. Merlin also insisted that Arthur would win his own battles and that Merlin himself would be busy with his pupils - Lynne and now Morganna[Pan 1].

Space Camelot: Doughnutdelf

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Taliesin witnessed the destruction of Doughnutdelf at the hands of the NeSferatu who invaded and killed the druids and mages within. They were led by Nyneve, who had just been declared the new NeSorcerer by Merlin and quickly betrayed her old mentor and lover, confining him within Doughnutdelf through magic and narrative trope. Unable to defeat her and her NeSferatu, Taliesin fled. One year later he gathered a meeting to discuss opening a new school of magic, which was ultimately decided would be in Gaul when Morganna le Fay revealed a great cross of magical ley lines in the area[Pan 2].


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