Subaru Yamamoto is a member of the Heroes of the Never-ending Story and is considered one of their hardest-hitters, yet also their healer using her limited abilities in Magic. She had a relationship with Antestarr that had its ups-and-downs, mostly due to her own temperament and recent change into a NeSferatu at the hands of his own former lover Nyneve. Eventually he broke off their relationship to join the NeSferatu Coven but their passion for each other only subsided instead of dying out entirely. Subaru is brave, strong and opinionated - and, more so, unafraid to express those opinions. She's often reluctant to do something, which usually casts her as the voice of reason within the group. She wields a very large axe with miraculous ease and can use her powers in a variety of ways, though they mostly revolve around the idea of defence. Her best friend is Mimiru Kizumaki, the former NeS-Hero who is married to Cool Matty. Cool Matty often helped train Subaru in her magical talents, but it was a moment of dire need that suddenly threw her power into over-drive.

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