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Function Large capital ships designed for warfare and control.
Creator The Empire
Past Owners Strang | Admiral Thrawn | Rynard

Stardestroyers are a kind of capital ship that appear like a wedge of cheese with yellow paint flaking off to show their age. These ships were specifically designed for use by The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way but many are in use by regional warlords, such as Sue'san Dienhand. The ships are very powerful, capable of destroying a large spacestation alone, such as Mirare. Super Stardestroyers are much larger versions of the stardestroyers and are often accompanied by several smaller stardestroyers, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn's The Chimera.


The outside of the ship appears like a gigantic cheese-wedge, specially designed for war. Originally the ships were once bright yellow, like a cheese, but, as that was an unwelcome colour by the Imperials, the paint has been allowed to decay. Now the more grey a ship, such as The Excellence, the more dignity the ship is considered to have. The Chimera supposedly had no yellow left, owing it a great amount of kudos from other Imperial captains[CatH 1].





Super Stardestroyer

A Super Stardestroyer is a larger and more powerful stardestroyer[NeS1 1].


The Chimera

The Chimera is actually a Super Stardestroyer, larger than standard stardestroyers, which is the flagship of Grand Admiral Thrawn for the Galactic Empire[NeS1 1]. This stardestroyer was destroyed by a comet[NeS1 2].

The Excellence

Main article: The Excellence

The ship known as The Excellence is the flagship of Sue'san Dienhand and her fleet (citation needed). It was once the flagship of Deonal Strang[CatH 2] before his murder(citation needed) and it was his commission during his tenure with the Galactic Empire of the Milky Way. He, and the ship, divorced from the empire and he founded his own empire with The Excellence as the command ship[CatH 3].


Britt's Commentary

"Star Destroyers have long been a part of the NeS and during the Star Wars retcon phase, where Star Wars[Ext 1] references were given more originality, Stardestroyers[Ext 2] were given a minor retcon in that they were once all painted yellow, just like a block of cheese. I didn't want to alter them drastically as they're supposed to be just like the ships of Star Wars thanks to the flux and Stardestroyers are very iconic." - Britt the Writer


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