Spin-offs are Stories that take place outside of the Never-ending Story1, Never-ending Story2 and Never-ending Story3. These stories are considered to be in-universe but do not focus upon the NeS Heroes, or even necessarily use the established mechanics of the primary series. These spin-offs often have their own Story Arcs and may also overlap in cross-overs with each other, and the primary series, but are, for the most part, their own individual entities with their own sense of style and focus. Usually they are created because their content would detract from the usual style or fashion of the main series.

Hero Force One

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Hero Force One (Story) focuses upon the major superheroes Hero Force One. They go about saving the Earth, the galaxy or even the universe from evil villains. Their missions sometimes overlap with the cosmos-roaming deities and organisations. They, unlike the NeS Heroes, are fairy competent heroes and are well known across the planet, dealing with their popularity and fame as well as their heroics (citationed tba).

Clear and the Hopeless

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Pantheons of the NeSiverse

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