A Space Whale is a rare space-faring creature of great durability and grace. Their bones are a highly expensive commodity and can be used in the construction of rare spacecraft that need durable hulls. The Lamb is one of the most expensive ships as it is made entirely of the bone of a space whale mixed with the rock of a moon god, named Brethrain.



Space Whales are white[Tales 1].



These creatures are known to be incredibly hardy, able to withstand many powerful weapons. They are almost as durable as a netherwyrm though they are not known to exhibit any ferocity, unlike the latter[Tales 1].


Space whales are often found swimming through dense asteroid fields or in dangerous nebulas, making them difficult to hunt[Tales 1].


Precious Commodity

The bones of space whales are a precious commodity amongst many, due to the high durability[Tales 1].

Ship Construction

The Lamb

Main article: The Lamb

Space whale bone was used in the construction of The Lamb, a ship for The Imperium. Combined with the rock of the god-moon, Brethrain, The Lamb was one of the most indestructible ships in the Multiverse. It was captained by Ameryl Hypericum[Tales 1], who also had it commissioned[Tales 2].

The Space Orca

Main article: The Space Orca

The Space Orca was a ship created within the remains of a space whale. Its bones served as the walls and furnishings of its rooms and the outer shell served as a protective hull. It was captained by Space Orca of The Imperium[Tales 3].


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