Space Camelot is a mini-arc featured in Pantheons of the NeSiverse and revolves around the character King Arthur and his spaceship named Camelot. He and many of his people left his kingdom of Britannia to travel into space and found a new kingdom, Space Britain, on another planet. Arthur had to first claim his place as king of the British Isles by defeating the eleven rebel kings shortly after his father, Uther Pendragon, died. Arthur had been raised by Sir Ector, at the behest of Merlin the Elder, never knowing his true father. During their seclusion, Arthur had sex with his half-sister Morganna le Fay and she would later give birth to their son, Prince Mordred. Arthur, however, got married to Lady Guinevere of Powys to help bring the Welsh kings into line. He would aid King Hoel and King Bors in their war for Brittany against King Claudas, taking on Sir Bors the Younger as the first of his knights. His own half-brother, Kay, also became a knight though he never showed Arthur the proper respect. Merlin the Elder granted Arthur Excalibur and helped him discover Camelot beneath Great Britain but Merlin was later trapped within Doughnutdelf by his treacherous student Nyneve. Morganna used up her magical island, Avalon, to raise Camelot with the help of the Lady of the Lake and the people travelled into space while Prince Llacheu became king of Britannia. They travelled through the solar system and met with the Jupiterians who were interested in Camelot since they found another similar ship they called The Hopeful. Admiral Ltexi joined them for a while to study their ship and uncover the mysteries. Eventually they left the solar system and attempted settlement on the planet Caledonia, home to the drow, but they were being attacked by fanatic drows under Prelate Seerias and Mordred was kidnapped. King Mark met with the mysterious Boreans, who reveal that they also discovered Camelot and used it long ago, along with several similar ships while working with the High Empire. Mordred is freed but the humans decide to leave Caledonia. Ltexi takes them to Outpost Finagle for fun and recreation where they meet more humans that left Earth with Prince Oberon and would eventually found the Old Republic. King Óenegus and King Caradoc try to undermine Arthur's authority and Caradoc decides to kidnap Guinevere, along with Queen Iseult, to force Arthur's hand.



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Pre-Space Camelot

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Shortly after King Arthur had formed his kingdom of Great Britain, including England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Merlin the Enchanter wished to pass on the legacy of NeSorcerer to one of his three apprentices. He summons them to him in Doughnutdelf, the city of druids beneath Stonehenge and he has to choose amongst them. Lynne believes she is the most worthy while Morganna le Fay has zero interest. He ultimately chooses his third pupil, however, Nyneve the NeSferatu who is not only the most inspired by narrative mechanics but also Merlin's lover. He passes on the mantle to her and teaches her the NeSpell. However as soon as she is NeSorcer she betrays Merlin and allows her NeSferatu into Doughnutdelf. They slaughter the druids and mages and she casts a spell to lock Merlin within it, forever buried beneath Stonehenge. Some time later Taliesin, who escaped the conflict, summons Lynne, who would change her name to Merlin (known as Merlin the Younger by most), and Morgan and Hermes Trismegistus to discuss founding a new location as a school of magic. They settle on the land of Gaul where they would proceed to construct The Magium[Pan 1].

Raising Space Camelot

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To the south-west of England is Tintagel Castle, the birthplace of King Arthur. Sometime after uniting the realm of Great Britain he decides to raise a colossal spacecraft from beneath Britain, which he and Merlin had found many years earlier. He gathers an informal meeting of his friends and family and they discuss his plan to leave Earth and venture into space. Few seem to believe his tale until he confirms that Merlin said it would work, in which case everyone agrees to go. Although Merlin the Younger believes she could work out how to lift the ship into space, the fastest route is to ask Morganna le Fay, Arthur's half-sister, to sacrifice her magical island of Avalon to power the ship. She ultimately agrees after some goading from Merlin the Younger and Guinevere. Guinevere is relieved that Morganna will go with them because she will take her and Arthur's incestuous son, Mordred. Guinevere was worried that Mordred would try to take Britain from her own son, Llacheu, while they were gone - but now Mordred can have his own kingdom somewhere else. Prince Llacheu, meanwhile, gets drunk in Castle Camelot as he celebrates his new-found freedom[Pan 2]. Morganna visits the castle after destroying her island but Arthur reveals that Merlin the Younger fixed the problem. He then agrees to sleep with her, her deepest desire, but then takes it back stating he was just joking. Suddenly upset she wakes up from the small nightmare[Pan 3]. To summon energy for the ship, Morgan must channel her power through Stonehenge, gaining extra energy from The Rift, and power it downwards into the ship below the Earth. Vivane aids in funnelling energy from The Rift to Morgan. High up atop Mount Snowdon, Merlin the Younger is watching for the spacecraft to rise with Shalott the Aes Sidhe witch, Sir Kay and Sir Bedivere. She is concerned about a lake monster and asks the others to watch for it. When the ship emerges from the water, however, they become distracted because it starts to take Ireland up into the sky on its back. Shalott sends a request to Vivane to get Morgan to move the ship aside. Ireland plummets back into the ocean and Shalott psychically requests aid from other Aes Sidhe to reform the rock beneath the land. Back with Morgan they see the ship finally in the sky but Sir Lancelot wonders how they'll ever reach it[Pan 4].

Prince Llacheu, Vivane and Shalott watch from the top of Castle Camelot as the spacecraft, now named Camelot too, sails away from the Earth. Aboard the ship they admire the moon as it comes into view from the conservatory. King Arthur heads to the Command Deck, after doodling obscenities on a stick-man drawing of Sir Bedivere. There he meets Merlin the Younger and Tom a'Lincoln, otherwise known as the Red Rose Knight. Tom is the captain of the ship after his years of service in Arthur's navy on Earth. He demonstrates how the ship works and before Merlin could stop him, Arthur pushes the first planet in the solar system. The ship lurches through space-time, the old warp system pins everyone to the wall. Once it stops they are now in orbit around Mercury[Pan 5].

The Solar System

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After being bored of the planet Mercury, they move on to the planet Venus. Sir Lancelot is tasked with exploring the planet with a small 'away team', including his son Sir Galahad, Prince Mordred, Sir The Black Knight, Sir The Faerie Knight. Mordred collects samples for Sir Bedivere to study when they come across a large rock-man. Lancelot attacks to no avail but the man proves a harmless mute. The rock-man then joins the Camelot Crew to venture across the stars and Merlin names him Andy. After an accidental jump back to Earth the ship jumps to Mars where they are confronted by a massive alien fleet[Pan 6]. The fleet of tree-like ships belongs to Jupiter and aboard one of the ships is Chancellor Ctatherine who negotiates peace with Arthur under the agreement that Admiral Ltexi is permitted to check out Camelot so she might compare it with an identical ship under her charge - The Hopeful[Pan 7].

Merlin is charged with showing Ltexi the ship while the Jupiterians introduce Arthur's crew to the inhabitants of the planet following Jupiter - Saturn. Prince Mordred and an away team visits the X-Kryptons in a diplomatic exchange where they meet with Gamma Pans, Phoenix Tram and Omega Wier, the Custodians for the X-Kryptons. After an exchange with them, trouble arrives and the team aid the X-Kryptons against raiders. The raiders are revealed to be G-Kryptons, another civilisation supposedly allied to the X-Kryptons. In the face of this betrayal, Gamma Pans vows vengeance and Sir Lancelot agrees they should aid their new friends[Pan 8]. The crew returns to Camelot to discuss how to proceed with King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. They consider bombarding the planet with the turbo-lasers aboard Camelot but, in the end, Arthur wants to conquer the G-Krypton territory while Sir Bedivere wants to study their technology in tact. Only Mordred disagrees with taking action against the alien civilisation[Pan 9]. Arthur leads the army himself while Gamma Pans brings his own small troop to assist on the right flank. Pans is amazed at the size of Arthur's several hundred strong army, his own troop being just thirty. Pans reveals that his Lightning Amulet is a family heirloom that was dropped upon the planet generations ago and Sir Caelia, a Faerie and mother to The Faerie Knight, is curious about this alien magic. The battle then ensues with Arthur using the light of Excalibur to lead the way to the G-Krypton City. Aboard Camelot, Ltexi speaks to Merlin of the turbo-lasers aboard Camelot which are not aboard The Hopeful and she wonders what forced this change in design. Merlin asks of the other human colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy and Ltexi unveils that once there was a mass blackout that caused all communications to break down amongst the human civilisations and thus the worlds all regressed in technology[Pan 10]. (This is a rumoured version of true events in The Atlantean Saga ((citation needed)).). Arthur rides through the G-Krypton City and declares himself its new ruler. Several weeks later, however, he's quick to relinquish his control after failed attempts at taxation and construction because the Kryptons don't understand economy nor do they understand the concept of castles or churches. To add insult to injury Flannel Bags and Omega Wier, Custodians of the X-Kryptons and G-Kryptons, reveal that Gamma Pans, as the only English speaker, had tricked Arthur and his knights into conquering the G-Kryptons by lying about the identity of the raiders upon Mordred's initial visit to Saturn. They had, in fact, been L-Kryptons and Pans had duped Arthur into breaking a long-term alliance between the X-Kryptons and the G-Kryptons. Upon learning this Arthur vows to hunt down Gamma Pans and is joined by the nearest knights that are able to prepare immediately - Prince Mordred, Sir Lancelot, Sir Kay, Sir Caelia and Sir Tristram. Omega Wier guides them back to the X-Krypton City but Gamma Pans has already fled upon hearing of Arthur's intent[Pan 11].

Arthur and his knights reach The Forsaken Valley of Saturn and, when the sun sets, they are attacked in the ancient Krypton city by dust-ghosts. Only magical weapons are able to dispatch them, making Clarent and Excalibur invaluable. Arthur gives chase through the city upon his horse, Llamrei, and hunts down Gamma Pans and his L-Krypton allies. The L-Kryptons are taken out by the dust-ghosts while Arthur and Omega Wier corner Gamma Pans. Omega Wier snatches the amulet and both Gamma Pans and King Arthur realise that they were both duped by Omega Wier who just wanted the amulet for himself[Pan 12]. Arthur and Gamma Pans flee when Omega Wier conjures a tremendous lightning tornado that rips through the city and destroys the ghosts. The group retreats to the top of the mountain cliff where Sir Caelia forces more aether into the storm to make it stronger and stronger until, finally, the aether in the valley is entirely used up and the tornado vanishes. Gamma Pans decides to join Camelot and leave his homeworld, while his amulet will be studied. After a Council of the Round Table the knights decide to continue through the Solar System[Pan 13].

Camelot arrives at Uranus where Admiral Ltexi introduces them to the Fayrie. Nerifan explains that his people use the aether of Uranus to turn it into transportable goods for sale throughout the NeSiverse using the massive processors of the planet[Pan 14]. They meet the Fayrie King who reveals that his people are dying from impotence caused by the aether on their planet and that their people have grown slack and lazy because their lives are governed and monitored by the hive machine known as Monde. The group split in two, some go with Nerifan to inspect the processors while the others go with the Fayrie King to inspect the machine named Monde[Pan 15]. Atop one of the aether processing plants, Sir Caelia meets with Morganna in the remnant projection of Avalon where they gossip about the potential motherhood of Sir Galahad, who Morgan suggests as being Guinevere but quickly retracts the claim when Caelia suggests that Galahad would thus have a claim to the throne. King Arthur discovers that the machine, Monde, dictates every aspect of the lives of the fayries on Uranus. The king reveals that Neptune is also their world and much the same as Uranus but he would take them there through another Imperium device called the Dream Gate. Sir Galahad tries to introduce himself to Admiral Ltexi, whom he has come to strongly admire, after some encouragement from his father. They then travel to Camelot so they could jump to Neptune[Pan 16]. A spaceboat collects Sir Caelia and Morganna. Caelia explains the history of her husband marrying a woman from the east to save her from a sacrifice, from which adulterous marriage came The Black Knight. She actually met Tom when he was half-dead in Greenland. Meanwhile Arthur is taken to see the derelict spaceship, which looms in the skies above Neptune and appears like a magical snowflake[Pan 17]. While Arthur discusses the mysterious origins of the snowflake, being a ship made entire of magic and actually originating from Earth, Gamma Pans is in The Observatory where he is brought into a colonisation group consisting of King Mark, Queen Iseult, Sir Gawain and Sir Greene Knight. Their aim is to prepare for the upcoming colonisation of an alien world. When Arthur returns to Camelot, after a brief incident with Sir Robin in a shuttlecraft when he nearly killed himself, Tom a'Lincoln reveals the history taught to him by Sir Caelia involving the snowflake ship - that is was the ship of an Aes Sidhe named Prince Oberon who left Earth with his human wife. Sir Caelia doesn't want to disturb the ship on the grounds that it is a monument to her peoples' history, so they leave the ship alone. Admiral Ltexi intended to leave the ship and return to her own vessel but Arthur, too impatient, makes the jump before she can get off. They leave the Solar System, deciding to skip Pluto as they mistakenly believe it's just another boring rock[Pan 18].


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Finagle (Pantheons of the NeSiverse)

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Finagle (Legends of the NeSiverse)

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The Sith Empire

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Before embarking on their quest to save the Old Republic, the knights decide to take a break with a racing competition. Knights of the Round Table took to spacefighters and flew them in a circuit to the finish line. Sir Lancelot took the lead initially, piloting Berić, while Sir Bedivere crashed and burned early in the asteroid field. The race took them along the River Split on the planet Tress before they had to circle the husk world of Trogdor. On the route back Sir Lancelot crashed into Sir Bedivere and lost the race. Sir Gawain therefore won the race in his ship Gringolet, Sir Aggravain second and Sir Bors, in his ship named by everyone else as The Dinner Plate, came third. After they visited Coruscant[Leg 1], Camelot arrived at the planet Orinoco Flow where the Dread Fortress would be revealed for just a month as the ocean, forever flowing around the planet in a single direction, would reach its end before, one month later, the front waves would come crashing down again. King Arthur initially guided the landing of knights, in spaceboats, from the Command Deck before he took his own spaceboat to join the fray personally. He had hired a soothsayer to help him make predictions and strategies about the battle, though he constantly called the man a witch[Leg 2]. Sir Robin Dagonet is fired upon but miraculously survived before he fainted. Sir Caelia faced off against one of the Dread Masters with her magic and used the legendary sword of Sir Palamedes, Harpē, to kill him. Upon death the Dread Master exploded his own soul to take out any enemies in the vicinity. The Black Knight and The Greene Knight pushed inside the Dread Fortress but Anglia was constantly harassed by the apparition of her grandfather, Prester John[Leg 3]. The Greene Knight was gravely wounded by a Dread Master but he was killed by The Faerie Knight and his magic, while Anglia tried to stem the flow of blood. Outside, Sir Caelia used her magic to send Sir Aggravain into the sky to surprise another Dread Master and take his head before landing on the windscreen of King Arthur's incoming spaceboat. The spaceboat deposited Morganna le Fay upon the roof of the Dread Fortress where she killed another Dread Master single-handedly[Leg 4]. Another Dread Master appeared before The Black Knight, forcing her to abandon her attempt to save The Greene Knight. However they were saved as King Arthur and his final wave arrived so Merlin the Younger could tend to The Greene Knight and, wielding Excalibur, Arthur tackled the Dread Master. The Dread Master's aura, however, caused Arthur to become fatigued. Prince Mordred moved in for the kill but The Black Knight lost her arm to the evil master and, upon death, the Dread Master's soul exploded and burnt Prince Mordred's face[Leg 5].


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