Slave Gebohq refers to an alternate universe Character, based upon Gebohq Simon, who is uncle and slave to Highempress. He was kept on a chain that Highempress could tug on when he annoyed her. She wouldn't allow him to speak unless she gave him permission first. Slave Gebohq was present when High Cherub Imp-Phim, Highempress' last remaining foe, convinced Highempress that her victory was hollow without Readers, Writers or a Story. He then watched Highempress search for a Story Realm to conquer through a mirror and she went through that mirror, like a portal, into the NeSiverse with the aim of conquering it. Slave Gebohq declared that she was doomed for sure, which High Cherub Imp-Phim agreed with as a PowerPlayer like Highempress couldn't last in a Story Realm. Slave Gebohq, however, was referring to the fact she must get bas luck for destroying a mirror.

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