Sir Gawain was the nephew of King Arthur, king of Britannia and later Space Britain, and the son of Morgause and King Lot. He became a Knight of the Round Table at a young age thanks to his prowess and chivalry. He had the unnatural ability to become empowered by sunlight, giving him great strength against evil.



Sir Gawain wears leather armour, thinner than the suits of armour most knights wear, and over it is a pale green tabard with white checkers. His tabard seems almost robe-like, extending right down to the floor and is much thicker than the others'. His hair is muddy blonde and very untidy, looking like he may have cut it himself when it got in his eyes too much. In some way he actually looks quite like King Arthur, who is his uncle[Pan 1].


Gawain is quite gullible, believing in exaggarated tales even when they're cast into doubt[Pan 1]. Gawain's best friend is Sir Galahad and he sees Sir Tristram as his mentor and an inspiration[Pan 2]. Gawain is naïve and has zero cunning in him, unable to use cunning nor see it in others[Pan 3].


Sir Gawain believes that all the gods of every religion exist in the same place he calls Heaven (actually Mount Olympus)[Pan 3].



Sir Gawain has skills in biology, both in botany and in medicine, which he has taught to others, such as Sir Galahad[Pan 1].


Space Camelot

Uranus & Neptune

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Sir Gawain became a member of the colonisation committee, those that planned the actual colonising of the humans' future world, due to abilities with plants. The group was headed by King Mark and Queen Iseult especially, while Sir Greene Knight, a nacaal, and the X-Krypton Gamma Pans, also joined the effort[Pan 1].


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The humans of Space Britain decided to attempt colonisation of Caledonia, despite the cold temperatures and perpetual low light. However some of the native drow didn't appreciate the settlement the humans built and they attacked it during the night. The Knights of the Round Table were forced to defend the settlement but the drow wizards were able to burn through the palisades with netherflame. There they cornered Prince Mordred and Isolde of the White Hands. A drow shot Isolde with a crossbow and threatened her with death unless Mordred surrendered himself. Seeing what was happening, Sir Kay and The Black Knight both sought to rush to defend Mordred but they were too late and he was taken. Sirs Kay, Gawain, Caelia and the Faerie Knight gave chase. Sir Kay and Gawain spotted the drow that were retreating with Mordred in tow. The drow wizards turned to face them and a magical battle ensued. The wizards rose an invisible barrier to allow Mordred's captors to escape. He was taken upon a flying stone and out of reach of the humans[Pan 4]. Following this there was a meeting as Sir Kay related how he saw them fly away upon a floating brick towards the distant mountains and how they should rescue Prince Mordred. It was decided that two groups would be formed. One group would plan and prepare a direct rescue attempt upon the mountain, Llurth Ceridwen, while a second, smaller party would seek out a local drow village for assistance against the drow of the mountain. Sir Gawain joined the small group to head to the village[Pan 5]. Sir Gawain was accompanied by Sir Galahad and Sir Palamedes. With them was also Sir Tristram and his wife Isolde of the White Hands, along with King Mark and his wife Queen Iseult. Sir Galahad isn't familiar with their past but he is well aware there is some feud between the two couples as Queen Iseult and Isolde argue. Whilst trekking through the forest they were met by a single drow outside of the village. She directs them in and they eventually met with guards that took them to the centre of the village and they were greeted by Minister Lysse. King Mark negotiates aid against the rulers of the mountain but Lysse asserts they ought to speak with the owners of the ship, Camelot, which looms over the mountain and has opened fire upon it. They realise there must be an identical ship to Camelot here on Caledonia. After the locals demand that the humans leave, Minister Lysse offered to help them find those that own the other ship - the Boreans of Hyperborea[Pan 6]. The group travelled via flying stone, though there wasn't enough room for Sir Gawain so he had to ride a floating paving stone attached to the main brick via a rope to surf behind. The turbolasers of Camelot are erratic, which they speculate is because Morganna le Fay cannot control the systems. As they reached Hyperborea, a land covered in snow with a gigantic orb at its centre, a rogue blast from Camelot hit them and Minister Lysse was crushed by the flying rock. Isolde wanted to animate her corpse but everyone else protested, including Tristram. The humans reached the main city, which was filled with all manner of styles and fashions, and King Mark managed to persuade three Boreans to help them. They asserted just three of them, Benem, Kryst and Tulla, was enough, despite the king's concern[Pan 7]. The group plod through the mountains and when they reached the top King Mark pointed to Camelot. They admit they found the ship on their homeworld and the Boreans reveal they remembered Earth well and they recall that humans were the lesser of the various sapient species on the planet. Kryst and Benem remember travelling to Earth in one of the sister ships to Camelot. Camelot was, at the time, controlled by the High Empire and it was they who installed weapons on it as they wanted to protect their 'rocks' (Hedrons). The High Empire delivered their rocks and left, though the Boreans remembered the first sapient beings on the planet were Lemurians and the other civilisations of Muirians and Atlanteans came later. Tulla didn't remember it because she was on Tatooine at the time. She remembered how a dragon (Typhon) turned the world to sand. This reminiscing continued through King Mark and the others requesting urgency until the three finally came to attention and transported the humans across the land of Reethreen to Llurth Caridwen. Sir Palamedes charged up the mountain to rescue the prince first. Mordred tackled Prelate Seerias, his captor, before she could blast Palamedes with magic. She tumbled off the mountainside but she flew back up to attack Mordred and Palamedes. Sir Tristram arrived and joined the fight. Seerias believed victory was near when drow came up the mountain path but it became apparent that they were the walking dead of Isolde. Seeing the perversion of her people Seerias gathered up tremendous amounts of aether to blow herself, and her enemies, up. She chased them as they retreated down the mountain, where they found King Mark strolling up before running too. Mordred tripped and might have succumbed to the magic bomb if not for Camelot's turbolaser finally hitting its mark and snuffed out Prelate Seerias[Pan 8].

Outpost Finagle

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The Boreans gave the humans coordinates for a planet they believed suitable for colonisation. Sir Bedivere, who was responsible for the coordinates, was late reaching Camelot's Bridge and, instead, Admiral Ltexi input the coordinates and the ship jumped. However, Ltexi had actually transported the ship to Outpost Finagle instead of the colonisable planet. She explained that the station hops throughout the Multiverse and provides a wide array of entertainments for all. Instantly enamoured with the idea, King Arthur gave his crew permission to engage with the station[Pan 9]. While in the hotel he hired, King Arthur heard the story of The Old Republic and the threat of The Dread Masters from a bus boy. The Dread Masters were Æon Knights that had turned to the dark side and became Aos Sí. They also learnt that The Old Republic were humans that descended from Prince Oberon and the people he had left Earth with centuries ago. King Arthur wanted to conquer both the Republic and the Dread Masters. Queen Guinevere, however, convinced him it would be more honourable of a Christian king to save the Old Republic from the Dread Masters. Sir Gawain answered the door to welcome in Newrias, the drow that had become the squire of Sir Palamedes. He reported he had lost Sir Palamedes after he followed Morganna le Fay into the women's bathroom, which he did to retrieve her underwear believing they were stained with evil. Newrias had a request of the king - he wanted to open his own laboratory on Camelot to brew potions, which Arthur approved[Pan 3].


Britt's Commentary

"Sir Gawain is loosely based on the original Sir Gawain[Ext 1] of Arthurian Legend[Ext 2], including his ability to wax and wane with the changing of day to night." ~ Britt the Writer


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