Sir Ector was the adoptive father of Arthur Pendragon and was made a knight after Arthur ascended to the throne. Arthur was the illegitimate son of Uther Pendragon and Lady Igraine of Cornwall, so the boy was taken into hiding by Merlin the Elder to keep him safe until he was needed. Ector raised Arthur and another illegitimate child of King Uther, Morganna le Fay, as traders between Dumnonia and Londonium. He was present when Arthur drew Clarent from the stone to prove himself Uther's heir and aided his adopted son defeat the eleven rebel kings as well as his quest in Gaul against King Claudas.



He is middle-aged but a life of hard work and drink has left him sick and weary[Pan 1].




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Sir Ector, who was a simple trader that traded goods between Londinium and Cornwall, was asked, by Merlin the Wizard, to raise two children - Arthur and Morganna[Pan 1].

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When King Uther, the king of Britannia, died, Merlin the Elder gathered a meeting of the kings of the land to unveil to them the son of Uther - Arthur Pendragon. He had been raised by Sir Ector in secret to keep him safe. Along with Arthur was also his sister, Morganna le Fay, who was likewise raised by Ector. Clarent had been returned to the stone and Arthur had to pull the sword from the stone to prove himself the rightful heir of Uther. When Arthur succeeded in removing the sword, the kings slowly left to consider their options. King Urien was the last to leave and his advisor, Taliesin, remained behind to speak with Merlin. Taliesin questioned the wisdom of letting an ignorant boy become king but Merlin insisted that his time spent under the care of Ector would help him understand the people and become popular amongst them. Merlin also insisted that Arthur would win his own battles and that Merlin himself would be busy with his pupils - Lynne and now Morganna[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Sir Ector is very loosely based on Sir Ector[Ext 1] from Arthurian Legends[Ext 2], where he also raised the young Arthur." ~ Britt the Writer


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