Sir Balin was one of the Knights of the Round Table who was imprisoned for several years after he attempted to murder The Lady of the Lake during Sir Gawain's knighting ceremony. He was released after Sir Lancelot was exiled from Space Britain, taking many knights with him, to fill up the ranks. Along with his twin brother Sir Balan, Sir Balin chose to defeat King Rience in King Arthur's name so he might restore his honour.



Sir Balin wore stark white armour with no tabard, tunic nor cape. Instead his sigil was blazoned upon a small, green and white buckler that was attached to the wirst. On his waist is a single scabbard where the Dolorous Blade slept. Upon his back is a second scabbard where his regular sword would rest. His hair was jet black, long and slicked back across his scalp[Leg 1].


Legends of the NeSiverse References

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