Sir Alistair was a Red-Tabard for the Knights of the Round Table. In typical red-tabard fashion, Sir Alistair was killed off the moment he was introduced to the Story when he, Sir Britthomas and Sir Scottius were killed in the Outpost Finagle Arena against toad-like aliens. Their corpses were then reanimated by Isolde of the White Hands to fight on and become unstoppable warriors. When Isolde finally allowed him to die, he was killed by a rancor.



Sir Alistair, as a Red-Tabard for the Knights of the Round Table, wore a red tabard over his armour. He also had a retractable visor on his helmet[Pan 1].



Each Red-Tabard owned a sword to fight with[Pan 1].


Space Camelot

Three Red-Tabards, a special group of Knights of the Round Table that were constantly dying, were introduced as they challenged the Outpost Finagle Arena and were to do battle with toad-like aliens. They were Sir Scottius, Sir Alastair and Sir Britthomas. The aliens, however, used their sharp tongues and great weight to pin down the knights and lash them to death. As she had bets on them, Isolde of the White Hands, from the audience, reanimated their corpses to fight back to victory[Pan 1]. After winning time upon time, Isolde was eventually in a position where she would win more by allowing her animated dead to lose. After Sir Britthomas was eaten by the rancor, Sir Scottius was ripped in half and his legs used to beat on Sir Alistair. Eventually, Sir Alistair was struck so hard by the rancor that his body flew high into the air and splatted against the invisible barrier around the arena[Pan 2].


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