Lady Sebile is a witch that was born on the planet Algernon. She has a very youthful appearance that belies her true age.



She had a round, cherubim face with blonde curls and a button nose. Her wide eyes gave her a youthful countenance but she was evidently beyond her teenage years. Her skin was pale but her cheeks flushed pink. She has been described as an English Rose[Ext 1], despite not being English. Sebile was very short, just five feet in all, adding to her childlike nature. Yet the lines that blemished the face told of a greater age and there was something in her eyes that spoke of wisdom well beyond her complexion. She wore a dress that was wide, held in place by great farthingale, giving her a platter-like fashion around the hips. Her corset was intricately detailed with needlework and coloured dark red, while the skirt was gold[Leg 1].


Being alone for so long and separated from normal society has left Sebile somewhat peculiar in her mannerisms. She doesn't understand much of normal social interaction and finds the smallest details very curious. She does have some decorum training, so she appears to float around rather than walk when wearing her dress[Leg 1]. She is, however, very cunning and uses the cultural tenancies of others to get what she wants. She is happy to use her magic to fulfill the desires of others, especially the less noble of desires[Leg 2].



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Sebile didn't know what the word "witch" meant, but most would recognise her as one. She is capable of using magic[Leg 1]. When she transports herself around, blue smoke will appear as displaced aether[Leg 2].


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She is capable of inducing a mindscape into people, which is a dream-like state where the person imagines grand images[Leg 2].


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The Knights of the Round Table, led by King Arthur of Space Britain, arrived on the planet Algernon in the hopes of colonising it. Sirs Percival, Sagramore and Gawain were tasked with exploring Perce Forest, where they discovered The Red Castle that appeared to be abandoned. Outside the castle were two pillars of magic, drawing on the aether in the air, but otherwise there was no sign of life so they went inside to stay for the night and cook food. While Sagramore was cooking in the kitchen, Percival went out to collect firewood and Gawain was left in the parlour[Leg 3]. A moment later, a teenage girl appeared at the window and startled Gawain. She reported that this was her home, but asked if she was allowed to come inside. She didn't understand what a "witch" was, but was clearly using magic to move around the house and open and close doors. When Percival couldn't get through the front door, she used magic to open it for him. Sebile was taken by surprise, but also curiosity, when Percival, brimming with chivalry, kissed her hand. When she discovered they were cooking, she wanted to see. Percival went to start the fire, though Sebile offered to do it, while Gawain took the lady to the kitchen. Sagramore was still cooking, with his chef's hat, but explained he was from Hungary. Sebile's confusion over the name for the country and the condition of hunger, showed her ignorance of Earth. Gawain asked if they could be allowed to stay and Sebile not only agreed, but insisted they stay forever. The front door closed[Leg 1]. Some hours later, the knights tested the door and confirmed it was magically sealed, though their host had retired to bed. Though Gawain doesn't think it is safe to sleep there, Percival insisted that he was exhausted. They inspected the bedrooms and each chose a room for the night. Gawain refused the blessing offered by Sagramore from his tangrism belief, but Gawain refused and, instead, offered a prayer to the Christian God. He then experienced images in a mindscape, a dream-like place, where Sebile offered him wealth, power, sex until he struggled to return to reality. There Sebile got onto his bed and offered herself to him, but he refused. She asked what wish he would have, he merely wanted everyone to be happy. She was entertained by this, claiming Percival had said the same, before she then vanished. He dressed and rushed out of his room to find Percival there too. They rushed to find Sagramore, where they find him shocked but with Sebile, naked, in his bed. He proclaimed that he hadn't done anything and she stated he had just climbed into her bed, unwittingly, as she lay there. In order to preserve his, and her, honour, Sagramore offered to marry her. Gawain knew he had been tricked into this, but Percival was thrilled and Sebile instantly accepted. She, having seen into the minds of the knights, used the honour-system of their culture to ensnare Sagramore[Leg 2].


Britt's Commentary

"Sebile is loosely based on Sebile[Ext 2] of Arthurian Legends[Ext 3], especially her connection to the Red Castle in Perceforest[Ext 4]." ~ Britt the Writer


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