Having graduated from Hero School alongside his close friend Gebohq Simon, Sarn Cadpill took his lessons to heart and firmly believes himself to be a great Hero of the Never-ending Story. However he is often too eager and too arrogant to realise that he is almost as incompetent as Gebohq. When trying to steal the spotlight and lead the show he often ends up leading everyone into deeper trouble. However Sarn became much worse when it was revealed that he was experiencing some kind of multiple personality disorder and kept turning into another man named Sran Cadpill, who believed himself to be a starship captain. Following this came a third personality named Kern Saldin, who was a ruthless assassin. Eventually it seemed to emerge that these alternate personalities were actually true, separate personas that had been inhabiting Sarn's mind all this time - the evidence was revealed when the two personalities skipped to alternate bodies. Sran Cadpill jumped into the mind of Voodoo Snowflakes, who was Sarn's love interest, while Kern may have entered the mind of Twin Suns, the enigmatic leader of the Forgotten Army. Following this Sarn has taken a leave of absence and may even have joined the Forgotten Army himself.

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