Template:LocationSaffron 5 was built by humans after they conquered and colonised it. Their initial attempt at building had occurred while the planet was still occupied by its natives, but due to an attack from those people, building stopped and conquest ensued. After disease wiped out the majority of the Martian populace, humans were free to build whatever they liked, including the immense Saffron 5 spaceport. Its sky hook reaches upwards, like a vase, into orbit and a spacestation. Saffron 5 has been a beacon of human dominance, affluence and ambition. Though trade to Saffron 5 slowed dramatically with the destruction of Jupiter, the structure remains a huge commercial hub for many intergalactic spacefarers.



Saffron 5 has been described as looking like a vase, reaching up into space - the big spaceport at the bottom, the narrow skyhook at the centre and the larger spacestation in orbit[CatH 1].


Britt: The Legend

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The Never-ending Story


Clear and the Hopeless

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After the human conquest of Mars, the human settlers were able to set up towns and villages which, today, mostly act likes frontier towns in a state of lawlessness governed only by its own people. Unlike these towns, however, there stands a bastion of human dominance over the Sol System in the guise of the now finished Saffron 5. Though trade to Saffron 5 diminished since the destruction of Jupiter, it still remains a major commercial hub for intergalactic spacefarers.

Clear, the last Martian alive, would use the station to find traders to sell some of her salvaged Martian goods to, making money to then buy materials to help repair her old, derelict spacecraft The Hopeful[CatH 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Saffron 5 came into existence as I tried to fix my idea for current Mars with the ideas of Gebohq the Writer and the brief mention of Mars in a long-ago post. I wanted a post-apocalyptic-style world while Gebohq the Writer had envisioned a Wild West[Ext 1] frontier. Yet both were undermined by mention of a spacestation in older days of The Never-ending Story. To this end, all three were met and the creation of Saffron 5 was done, which also gives a coincidental reason for the number of spacefarers that always seem to show up in the past of NeS." - Britt the Writer


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