A Rockman, or rockmen as plural, is a native, intelligent being of the planet Venus. They are made entirely of rock and are very slow moving. They are able to withstand the acid rain of the planet and seem to not eat. They are unable to talk but communicate with facial expressions or simple body gestures. One of the rockmen joined the Camelot Crew on their journey through the galaxy and was dubbed Andy by the humans.



The rockmen appear as large, humanoid bundles of rocks coloured the same orange hue as the rest of Venus. They have two glowing, blue orbs for eyes and don't have mouths[Pan 1].



Because they have no mouth, rockmen are unable to speak. Instead they usually communicate with slow body language, often mimicking other intelligent beings to signal their feelings[Pan 1].


The rockmen move very slowly, when compared to humans or other human-like beings[Pan 1].


The rockmen are notoriously friendly and docile, even when attacked they will usually stand motionless and prefer to engage in social (albeit slow) activities[Pan 1].


Their bodies are made of rock, which renders them impervious to most weapons; such as lances[Pan 1].



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The rockmen are native to the planet Venus, where they have been shaped by the orange rocky world. The planet has acid rain that will melt the majority of organic species and is the second planet in the Sol System where it neighbours with Earth and Mercury[Pan 1].


Space Camelot

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After King Arthur and the Camelot Crew left their home planet of Earth behind, they first travelled to Mercury[Pan 2]. However Arthur found it to be nothing but a boring rock so they moved to the next planet, which was Venus. When they detected life-signs an Away Team was sent down to the planet led by Sir Lancelot, a brave and enthusiastic knight. With him was his own son, Sir Galahad, and the son of the king, Prince Mordred. With them were two more knights, The Black Knight and The Faerie Knight. Upon seeing the first rockman, Sir Lancelot believed it to be a monster and attacked it with his spear. The spear was repelled by the rockman's body and when the rockman didn't retaliate, Lancelot found that the creature would mimic his waving. Thus they discovered that the rockmen were gentle, docile beings. One of the rockmen even decided to join the Camelot Crew for himself and the humans named him Andy[Pan 1].


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