Template:Character Rob X arrived on NeS1 Page 1 during The Fight of the Century of the Week eager to take part in the battle challenges set forth by Ares, the God of War. Set in the Arena Rob X faced off against Ares himself, however he would later fall asleep in the bleachers of the Arena. Although Rob X is not one of the better known NeS Heroes, his pet Morris the Cat is an infamous Character that makes frequent appearances throughout the NeS timeline. Rob X met his end during his sleep at the hands of his friend, Gebohq Simon, who was high on seven-year-old twinkies and murdered Rob X.



Unlike his NeSi design, Rob X is described as wearing a cloak, in which he keeps his repeater[NeS1 1]. Later this cloak would be cited as a "cultist cloak", worn by all members of the Cult of X for ceremonies[NeS2 1].


Rob X is a determined person and not one to be scared away, even by the incredible power of his enemies[NeS1 2]. He understands manipulation and using psychology to his advantage when he cannot defeat an opponent physically[NeS1 3].



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Rob X has a personal rivalry with Ares, the God of War, and, despite Rob X' physical inferiority, he attempts to tackle Ares. This rivalry only escalates when Rob X uses Ares' psychological weakness against him and destroy's the god's expensive cars[NeS1 3].


The Force

See also: Soul-Channelling

Rob X is capable of using "the force", otherwise known as Soul-Channelling. This means he is able to use his soul to perform real-world feats, such as telekinesis[NeS1 1].

Dark Side

Rob X, like others, has been shown to use the dark side to channel his anger into combat[NeS1 1].


One trick that Rob X had learnt with his training as a Soul-Channeller is the ability to create a decoy of himself - a mirrored astral projection of his physical being[NeS1 1].


Beam Sword

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Rob X, like many Characters in early NeS, owned a light sabre. These swords can cut through most materials, but they connect like any two blades when they strike each other[NeS1 3].


Based upon the personal repeating blaster[Ext 1] of Star Wars[Ext 2], Rob X wields a heavy gun capable of firing a hundred pulse-blasts a second. Despite its weight, he is able to carry it in his cloak.


Rob X has CD-shaped discs that he can throw. They're sharp enough to slice through the air and straight through both skin and bone[NeS1 4].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Rob X is pulled into Ares' Colosseum by Ares himself, who accuses Rob X was damaging one of his beloved Dodge Vipers[Ext 3]. In turn Rob X accuses Ares of murdering innocent duckies. Cygnus X, Rob's friend, tries to help him by attacking Ares. Ares, however, reverses time to counter Cygnus X' attack. This, however, creates a time loop in which Cygnus X constantly attacks Ares and Ares reverses time. This continues until Zuljin breaks that time loop. Rob X, realising he cannot defeat Ares traditionally decides to head to the sports garage where Ares stores his sports cars. When Ares arrives in the garage, Rob X then, using a detonator he got from Cygnus X, blows up the entire garage. While this doesn't damage Ares physically, the god is traumatised by the loss of his fast cars[NeS1 3]. After their fight was interrupted by sentient leftovers[NeS1 5], Rob X hits Ares with what he calls a "triple-attack" - forcing the God of War to sign up to AOL[Ext 4], use a Mac[Ext 5] and use Xoom[Ext 6] for hosting his picture files online[NeS1 6]. Rob X the Writer the negates his own post, and thereby any in response to that post, and has Rob X attack Ares using the Force as an aid. He creates a decoy of himself to confuse Ares but the god catches on to the plan too quickly. Rob X is unable to take Ares down with his light sabre and so he attempt to use his repeater to fire a hundred pulse-blasts a second at Ares - but the god manages to dodge all of them. Finally Rob X resorts to using the dark side of the Force to try and overwhelm Ares[NeS1 1]. After Galvatron returns to the arena, Ares takes him down and blasts the audience members in his anger. Rob X throws his discs are Ares, slicing through the god's hands. Ares flees to heal his hands while Rob X goes to find Miss Fire[NeS1 4].


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