Reimi Soulstar is an inventor of crazy gadgets and was a travelling space gypsy before he went with Ameryl Hypericum.



He is a fuzzy fox-like man with green hair tied into a braid. He wears a white lab coat and a pair of oversized goggles on his forehead, which he never actually uses for his eyes[Tales 1].


Reimi is obsessive over technology, even the small and the oldest of technologies. He will also barter for a long time, even over the smallest amount of money. He will speak almost reverently when it comes to discovering new inventions[Tales 1]. He will complain at length and threaten legal action against those he has a grievance, even if minor, with[Tales 2].


The Story of Ameryl

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When Reimi Soulstar met the woman with no home, Ameryl Hypericum, he invited her to join him and the space gypsies as they roamed space. He taught her engineering and she enjoyed the experience. Together with others from the flotilla they travelled and went explored many planets for the sake of adventure until he and Ameryl came to the planet Dreidos belonging to The Imperium. They went through The Imperium's Dream Gate and found the Dream Hub before they went to explore Dreidos' sister planet of another reality, named Deidos. When they arrived, however, they found the planet to be reduced to molten slag[Tales 1]. Though Ameryl protected him and herself with a magical barrier, it was drained by an unknown force. They were then transported to an alien vessel named The Space Orca and its captain, Space Orca. They learn that the planet had been destroyed by The Imperium itself so they could destroy an infestation of the deadly Darke Spawn. Reimi left to head for a new flotilla while Ameryl departed for the planet Algernon in the territory of the Galactic Empire of the Milky Way[Tales 2].

Some time later, Ameryl joined The Imperium and would go on to become an Arm of Skrai. She invited Reimi to joined The Imperium too, where he would have access to immense, new technologies[Tales 3].


Britt's Commentary

"Reimi Soulstar is an older Character that I created for other forums based on the species of other players on those forums. For the sake of NeS I changed his species to be NeS-specific." ~ Britt the Writer


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