The Redwood Forest is a druidic forest at an unknown location in the world, though it is likely in North America due to it being a redwood forest. The early heroes of the Story arrived there when trying to escape from Totallyevil and her henchmen through a portal.



The Redwood Forest is a forest filled with redwood trees[NeS1 1]. Redwood trees are some of the tallest trees in the world and can live up to a thousand years[Ext 1].



Redwood Forest Druids

A group of druids occupy the redwood forest[Ext 1].



Main article: Totallyevil (Story Arc)

The heroes of the Story, Gebohq Simon, The Otter, Antestarr, Maybelle Child and Semievil, had been embroiled in a desperate battle against three evil villains; Totallyevil and her henchmen, Wolf and Farr. The Otter, who had been granted special druidic powers, created a portal for them to escape through and it drew them into the Redwood Forest. While they rested, Gebohq Simon decided to try to use his burning sword and shield to burn one of the trees, likely out of dimwitted curiosity, so he was struck by a bolt of lightning by the druids that live in the forest[NeS1 1]. The leader of the druids, Undramondiginonhafabigmajicthing, approached them because he heard they were battling Totallyevil. When he found out Semievil was Totallyevil's brother, he banished Semievil and the skeletal man vanished from the forest. He bestowed a quest upon the remaining heroes; to seek out thhe Porkus Malorkis, a powerful sword capable of defeating evil. Just then, however, Krig the Viking and Uncle Tusk burst onto the scene being chased by a hungry Morris the Cat[NeS1 2]. Uncle Tusk and Krig leapt into the arms of The Otter for protection from the big, fat cat. Otter tried to be diplomatic and get the barbarians to apologise to Morris. Krig, however, couldn't restrain himself and he jumped at Morris in the hopes of eating the cat. Instead Morris ate Krig. After some cajoling, Otter got Morris to spit the viking back out, leaving Krig in a pool of saliva[NeS1 3]. When the druids continued to retaliate, Gebohq and Antestarr stopped Semievil from attacking them further on the grounds that it would be more interesting if they were captured and put in danger. The druids tied them up and hung them over a firepit, except for Otter who they believed to be their god[NeS1 4].


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