The Red Talon is the spaceship belonging to Twin Suns and was first used during The Fight of the Century of the Week Story Arc to pursue Grand Admiral Thrawn and his fleet. Since then, even when Twin Suns returned as "The Lost One", the Red Talon has fallen out of use.







The Fight of the Century of the Week

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After battling against the Rabbit Walkers, sent to Ares' Colosseum by Grand Admiral Thrawn, Twin Suns decided he and his comrades, Antestarr and Miss Fire, ought to take the fight to the Imperials orbiting the Earth. Twin Suns led his companions to the Red Talon and used the spacecraft to reach orbit where the Star Destroyer[Ext Ref 1] of Thrawn should have been. However when they arrived they soon realised that Thrawn, and his entire fleet, had absconded and were busy watching the Super Bowl[Ext Ref 2], an American sporting event. Dejected, they returned to the Colosseum and the Red Talon went unused for many Pages. It may be assumed that Twin Suns used the Red Talon to escape the destruction of the Colosseum after it, and the asteroid the Colosseum was attached to, blew up when it crashed the the returned Star Destroyer.


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