Prince Oberon was a prince of a kingdom in Albion who married a human woman named Titania from Atlantis and together they travelled in Snowflake Starships into space and populated the Perseus Arm.



As a fairy, Oberon was the size of a doll but was capable of using magic to make himself bigger. He also had wings[Pan 1].




Snowflake Ship

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Prince Oberon's people were known to travel the stars aboard Snowflake Starships that were created of pure energy magic and could only be used by magical beings able to phase inside them. One of their ships was abandoned in orbit of Neptune[Pan 2].


Journey from Earth

During their departure of the Solar System, the fleet explored the planet Uranus where they found the fayrie people. The fayries were a magical species who used technology and magic to their advantage but Oberon taught them more advanced technology and magical application, such as how to make orichalcum. They were forced to abandon one of the their snowflake ships in orbit around Neptune[Pan 2]. Oberon and the humans he was with populated the Perseus Arm, which eventually led to The Old Republic[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Oberon is very loosely inspired by Oberon[Ext 1] from mythology." ~ Britt the Writer.


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