Powerplaying, sometimes called "Powergaming", "Powerhousing" or "Munchkinism", is when a Writer makes their Character so overpowered that they are seemingly able to resolve any and every situation, often with minimal effort. Powerplaying is considered poor writing, as there is little drama or interest when nothing is tense, and uncooperative towards other Writers as Powerplaying Writers tend to ignore others' writings or "one-up" everything going on. Certain Characters have become built upon this concept and have worked their Powerplaying into the Story itself, working with the Story instead of trying to control it, such as Highemperor. Early days of the Never-ending Story saw more, unselfaware, Powerplaying by the likes of Ares the Writer and Arbiter the Writer whose characters, Ares and Arbiter respectively, were able to dominate events both through Character's being overpowered and Writers countering other Writers work.

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