The Porkus Malorkis is a legendary blade that is said to defeat evil. The heroes of the Story were first given the quest of its retrieval by Undramondiginonhafabigmajicthing, a druid of Redwood Forest.





Evil's Bane

The sword is said to be able to defeat evil and specifically it was expected to defeat Totallyevil[NeS1 1].


Never-ending Story 1


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The heroes of the Story - Gebohq Simon, Maybelle Child, Antestarr, The Otter, Semievil - were beset by Semievil's sister, Totallyevil, at Stonehenge. She was joined by her two henchmen, Farr and Wolf. The heroes realised that they were unable to defeat the three villains and so The Otter, who had been granted druidic powers, created a portal to escape Stonehenge. They appeared in Redwood Forest where they encountered the druids that lived there[NeS1 2]. The leader of the druids, Undramondiginonhafabigmajicthing, approached the heroes having heard of their battle against Totallyevil. When Semievil revealed that she was, in fact, his sister, the druids recoiled in horror. The Otter insisted that they were good and that only Semievil was evil. Undramondiginonhafabigmajicthing thus banished Semievil and gave the remaining heroes a quest; to search for the Porkus Malorkis, a legendary blade capable of defeating evil[NeS1 1].


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