A Plot-Hole, sometimes known by other terms such as "portal" or "conflicting posts phenomenon", is an occurrence in the story that somehow contradicts previously established facts. This could be anything from a Character being in two places at once, to alterations in motives, personalities or appearances of said characters. Plot-Holes were later worked into the story itself by Writers both as natural phenomena and as directed events orchestrated and utilised by individual characters. The Plot-Hole gun, used by Gebohq Simon and Bill Gates, is such an example of a device able to manipulate Plot-Holes to change a story feature. Some Plot-Holes often act as portals, able to transport characters from one location to another instantly. "Portals" or "wormholes" and the like are usually considered to be a type of Plot-Hole.


The Never-ending Story1

NeS1 Post 1

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The first instance and reference to a plot-hole was in NeS1 Post 1, the very first post in the Never-ending Story. In this Ares the Writer had negated a post by Merlin the Writer's post, which introduced the Character DarkSide, and ignored it. Later, after a discussion by the Writers, Ares opted to bring back DarkSide as the antagonist. DarkSide was able to return because of the plot-hole AresTW created in ignoring MerlinTW's post and DarkSide took possession of Ares' Colosseum. Plot-holes as a writing tool would become commonplace following this example[NeS1 1].


Never-ending Story1 References

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