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Homeworld The Hopeful
Habitat Magical Zone
Race/Forms Plant Creature
First Appearance CatH Post 14, CatH Page 1
Characters N/A

The plantworm creature was one of Green's more destructive monsters that rampaged through the corridors of The Hopeful attacking and killing stormtroopers. It almost killed Turbo, who was so badly wounded much of his body had to be replaced with cybernetic parts. Ultimately Clear convinced Green that the stormtroopers weren't a threat and, instead, she tried to save the life of stormtrooper Vix from the malicious Note with the plantworm but it was taken down by Note's stolen robotic body.



The plantworm is a cylinder of thick foliage and is incredibly long. It has tiny twig-legs to move on. It has no face, no eyes or nose, just a huge mouth that appears surprisingly human with big, square, perfectly white teeth[CatH 1].


The platworm is immensely strong, able to crash through thick metallic floors and walls of spacecraft. It moves very quickly and it can withstand laser blasts with ease. With its teeth it can bite into most materials. Though vulnerable to fire and explosives[CatH 1], the plantworm's high constitution allows it to continue living despite being wounded[CatH 2].


Clear and the Hopeless

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Believing that the stormtroopers had arrived on The Hopeful to kill her, Green creates the plantworm to kill the stormtroopers - not knowing that her friend, Clear, is with them[CatH 2]. The plantworm attacks the troopers, killing some of them and mortally wounds Turbo. It is only driven off eventually by a sticking bomb planted to its foliage by Captain Londris[CatH 1]. The plantworm makes another attempt to kill stormtroopers when they are burning plants from the Engine Room with their flamers. After killing one of them Clear is able to communicate with Green and asks that she clear the room of her plants, thus sparing the lives of Vix and Sindra[CatH 3].

Note, the A.I. of the ship, had been telling Green that the stormtroopers intended to kill her and didn't tell her Clear was there, manipulating the girl. Regretting her actions she saves Vix from Note, in his robotic body, by using the plantworm to attack him. Unfortunately the plantworm only stalls him as he is able to destroy it[CatH 2].


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